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Accessory Appliances

Together with the major instruments we can offer a broad range of small sigle or multi-purpose devices you can find useful in your every-day work. It's as simple as choosing an item and asking the price. The average time to obtain the requested information from our Sales Office will not exceed your lunch break time.
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Safety cabinets

PCR box includes UV air recirculator. This option additionally prevents unwanted amplification of contaminant DNA and protects the user from direct UV-light during manipulation.

  • Glass type Euroglass (Germany);
  • Optional table with drawer T-4L;
  • Automatic open UV-lamp switch off when screen is open.

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Compact and practical centrifuge for small sample volumes. Fitted as standard with an angle rotor for 8 tubes up to a volume of 15 ml. By attaining a max. RCF of 3,461 is the ideal choice for a medical practice. It accepts a wide variety of commercial tubes. Even glass tubes can be accommodated without adapters. Adapters for a selection of additional tubes are available on request.

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Wide range of Pipettes and Liquid Handling devices

A fixed pipette is ideal for repeated pipetting of a single volume.

  • New, streamlined design.
  • Super blow-out (1 - 50 µl).
  • Soft-touch tip ejection.
  • Safety label.
  • Fully autoclavable.

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Mixing devices, thermic devices

Vortexes, Shakers, Rockers, Thermoshakers, Stirrers, Thermoincubators, Thermal blocks, Cooling boxes.
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