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FREE Cyto_SW Analysis version 0.3 (windows binary, 109 MB)

  • download ZIP archive from the link above
  • unzip the archive to your local drive
  • locate the file cyto.exe inside the folder "CYTO-SW_0.3" and run it
  • check the quick start manual (see below) for login details
  • open the demo FCS files from the subfolder "demo_fcs" or load your own FCS files

Ver. 0.3 features

  • import of FCS files from all Partec cytometers (CCA, PAS, Space and Cube)
  • free zooming in histograms and 2D graphs
  • three modes of Gaussian fits of histogram peaks (automatic fit, manual gate, manual center selection)
  • polygon gating in 2D graphs
  • histogram overlay (merging more measurements in one graph)
  • transformations (simple math on data)
  • saving of analysis results in FCS files

Quick start manual (PDF, 1 MB)

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