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Flow Cytometry Systems

Touch the unleashed power of modular Flow Cytometry systems.

We don't want to tie our customers' hands with a preconfigured one-purpose systems. Our strategy is to gift our customers with a freedom of a full open, highly configurable, easily upgradable and affordable system.

Starting with Flow Cytometry?

Order a system with minimum parameters just to satisfy your current needs. As your needs grow in time, make required upgrades. The summary price is always based only on installed components. No extra charges are added. Ask for your up-to-date quotation.

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We have deployed flow cytometry systems in a number of laboratories in the Czech and Slovak Republics. Through many specially cutomized solutions we have obtained valuable experience and know-how in this field. Our technical support centre is available to all customers in any country as an alternative to calling Partec (acquired by Sysmex) support directly.

Current Partec/Sysmex Distributor Status

We started cooperation with Partec in 2003. From 2005 we have agreed to cooperate on the exclusive distributor basis for the Czech and Slovak Republic and on the non-exclusive basis for Central European region. In 2014 Partec was acquired by Sysmex. From 2015 our company has no distributor status for Partec product range.

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